Zurich, Switzerland
Sept. 29, 2017
Drug abortion using Saitotek tablets is effective if the drug is taken in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 9 weeks). At later gestational age (more than 63 days), the effectiveness of taking cytotec tablets is reduced to 85%, taking Saitotec tablets later is not effective, not appropriate, and may even pose a certain threat to the life of a woman.


Insights, Knowledge and Network

The annual European Chief Marketing Officer Conference (CMO) brings leading CMOs and top marketing executives together in one place for a day of learning, discussion and networking. Those who attend will hear the latest strategic thinking and insights in marketing, offering inspiration and vital information for their organisation’s success in the future. The CMO Conference has been established in 2008 and expanded to New York in 2011.

Top Speakers – Top Audience

The CMO Conference applies a vigorous process in selecting top speakers and top participants. As a result the vast majority of conference speakers are renowned Chief Marketing Executives of global, top-tier companies or academic thought-leaders from top-ranked business schools including Yale, IMD and University of Michigan.